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My name is Catherine, people call me Cat. I live in Bellevue, Iowa with my husband and our favorite tiny people - Alex, Blake, & Cole. Family time is everything, and my camera is omnipresent. Although I try my best never to utter the words, "Say cheese!" I have been known to suggest, "Why don't you come play over here... the light is so pretty."

Outdoor weddings, handwritten vows, a bright bouquet of wildflowers, teary-eyed embraces, & soft light that makes a bride's eyes sparkle -- these are things that inspire me.

On a wedding-free Saturday you can still find me behind the camera -- maybe laying on my belly in the backyard, intensely capturing my son's chubby little fingers gripping his favorite color sidewalk chalk.

I'm a homebody by nature, but there's little a venti Starbucks & a long stroll through Target can't cure. I'm a newly minted mini van Mom, & weekend adventures involve my camera riding shotgun in my brightly colored bag + three adorable little faces, intensely watching Minions... again.

I believe that everyday life is worth documenting, and the little stuff really is the big stuff. I celebrate half-birthdays & happily save theme park wristbands & crumpled up ticket stubs. Everyone has stories, and I'd love to help you tell yours.


Modern Love Storyfor the Honest ImagesI believe in
memory keeping
handwritten cards
saving every movie ticket stub
lazy sunday mornings

my coffee is never decaf,
and my target runs are never quick.
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BELLEVUE, IOWA 52031200 S 8TH STREET• We Love Snail Mail •
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